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What does Chat Automation entail?

Consider this scenario: You're in the middle of providing service for a customer. All of a sudden your phone rings. Now you're stuck I answer the phone or do I take care of the person in front of me?

Knowing every moment that goes by after the missed call means a missed sale.

This is where "Chat Automation" plays a crucial role

It's a human infused conversation bot designed to function as your assistant, engaging potential customers on your website, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs. It gathers essential customer information—such as name, email, and phone number—to facilitate the answering of frequently asked questions and scheduling of sales appointments on your calendar precisely when your potential customer is actively using their phone.

Without Chat Automation

  • Insufficient Sales Appointments

  • Cold Calling Unresponsive Prospects

  • Failure to Meet Sales Targets

  • Pursuing Disinterested Leads

With Chat Automation

  • Consistent Influx of Customers

  • Seamless Buying Journey

  • Abundance of Sales

  • Predictable Achievements

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